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Hi friends!  This is Heather from Learning with Mrs. Langley and I'm going to share some simple and easy organization tips today.  If you are like me you are up to your ears in new students right now and you need every single bit of organization you can muster.  If your classroom is a mess, your day quickly becomes a mess!  Here are a few of my favorite tips: 

Binders vs Files:  

I had a huge file cabinet....ok maybe 2! I am not a file person though so I ran into problems finding things after I filed them away.  I fixed this problem by making binders labeled August-May and I keep all my resources in the binders I need for the month.  I also keep binders for every unit I am teaching (math, reading, writing).  It has helped me stay organized with all of my teaching materials! 


I love to buy the cheap clear shoe boxes from Wal-mart to keep my math manipulatives in.  I always make sure I have about 4 boxes of each type of manipulative so I can have one for each table.  It helps me teach on the fly! 

Student materials:  I am a firm believer in having everything kiddos need out on the table and ready to go.  I keep the middle of their tables stocked with supplies. 

Crate seating:  

Best Pinterest project ever!  I made my crate seats about 4 years ago and they make the best storage for all those back to school supplies that come in. 

Teacher toolbox:  

Make one!  They are amazing!  I love that all my little items are easy to get to and not hiding in my desk, especially when a parent comes in and needs something small like staples or push pins to help me with a project. 

Those are a few things I do to keep my classroom organized.  Of course I always seem to find a way to mess it up again but if you have the system in place it's easier to clean up in the long run!  

What are your favorite ways to stay organized? Share your favorites in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by today! 

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  1. Great tips, Heather! I am a HUGE binder person too, exactly for the same reasons you stated, and I pretty much organize papers at home that way too. And I LOVE your crate seating! What a neat idea!!!
    xo Pam