Back to School: What's on your Math Wall?

Math Wall . . . 
(Formerly known as just "the calendar"it's so much more now!
I have really grown to love my math wall!  So much that I re-decorate it! In kindergarten we use it every single day. I use it during calendar time, and during math time. The skills that we cover in our "Math Talks" are endless! It's something that I have enjoyed doing so much and I see so much value in, that I add to it every year. We do all of the typical things like calendar, days of the week, etc., but I really love doing number of the day. I use my number sense anchor charts by placing the anchor chart backward in a clear plastic sleeve that I keep hanging on the wall. We do the reveal by them asking questions about the number, but not what it is (this is so cute!). (I have several sets of my Number Sense Anchor Charts printed out so that I can use them in a variety of ways, (then I don't have to bother with the ones that I have posted currently.)

After the big reveal. . . . I have my number talk helper of the day come up to 
help me answer questions about the number. If my helper is able to write, I let them write the answers on the sticky note to place on the Number of the Day Anchor Chart. If they are not able to write yet, I model, talk aloud saying the number formation poem and and sometimes do hand over hand with them. 
(The other students are air writing while I'm writing on the sticky note). 
We answer all the questions the chart asks about the number, and then do a little cheer for the number. It is such a fun, interactive way to involve kids and get them talking and "seeing" math on a daily basis!

My ten frames are on a magnet board from IKEA. I use them ALL the time!
They are such an awesome visual for kids to concretely see number sense.
What is on your Math Wall?


  1. I LOVE your math wall! So awesome!! I need to work on my math wall too! Thanks for sharing friend!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  2. Your Math Wall is decorated so adorably... and I love how you've transformed it into such a meaningful instructional component!