Back to School: BEE Books!

I have to share a one of the best things I have ever implemented in my classroom with you today.  BEE books!

I got this idea from Jessica Meacham years ago and I have pretty much used them the same way for the last 8 years or so. They are that amazing!  In one neat folder there are resources for families, a behavior calendar, a place to keep papers, homework, and a zipper pouch for money and notes so they don't get lost.  I told you....AMAZING!
    The front inside cover has a little sticker with my contact information and a "Left at Home" sticker.  All papers at the end of the day that need to go home go in this side of the folder.  

 The first thing they see inside the folder is a zipper pocket with a little sticker that says "Money and Notes".  I encourage (actually I insist) that parents put any money or notes in this pocket.  I am horrible about being handed a note and then setting it down, sticking it in my pocket, or just burying it under a pile of homework.  (this makes me sound really unorganized but if you've ever been in a primary classroom you know what I mean!)  If they use the pocket I am SURE to see it because I check through them every morning.  It's quick and easy with the clear pocket in the front. 

Also included inside:

You can customize BEE Books to make them fit your needs, that's what I love about them most!  Add as many clear page protectors as you need to make them work for you.   

Here are some labels and an alphabet resource to get you started!  The labels are just good 'ol shipping labels and the cover labels I print on regular paper and tape with clear packing tape (this is needed to make them last all year long). 

Click HERE to get started!

I also have the behavior calendars as a forever freebie in my store too. You can get those by clicking on the picture.

  Thanks for stopping by Hello Sunshine Teachers today!   Remember we will be sharing fun back to school ideas all month long! 



  1. Love, love, love this idea! I always had my students use a binder. The organization of your BEE Books is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I LOVE this idea!! We are using folder this year instead of expandable folders! This would be a great idea to add! I might have to think about doing this!! Thank you for sharing!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade