Summer Pen Pals


This simple idea will encourage your students to keep reading and writing through the summer!  

Before the end of the year have each student bring in two stamped envelopes.  (Or just two stamps if you already have envelopes.) Show them how to write their address on the front of each. Then collect the envelopes.  Of course, they'll all be curious about these envelopes, but don't tell them anything yet. Let the excitement and curiosity build a little!

Later, or the next day explain to the students they are to read a book this summer.  After they read the book they'll write a letter to a friend to convince them they need to read this book. They will place the persuasive letter in one of the envelopes and mail it to a classmate.  They will also put in the second envelope that has their own address on it.  The second envelope will be used by the receiver to write a return letter!

I've written more detailed directions you can download here.
Summer Pen Pals--Crockett's Classroom

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  1. What a fun idea! I love this!! We had our students bring in three postcards and then we passed those out so they can write quick notes to their friends this summer!! Love the idea of having them read a story and pass it out though! Great idea!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade