And that's a wrap!

End of the school year? Already? Wow. This one really snuck up on me! It just doesn't feel like it could already be over to me! Sweetest. Class. Ever. They stole my heart in so many ways! Nonetheless, as I tell them - "I am a kindergarten teacher! NOT a first grade teacher, and you are getting far too big and too smart for kindergarten!". So as all good things do, it must come to and end, and new beginnings await. :o)

We wrapped up this week with many walks down memory lane. I love hearing them recall all of the
things they remember about what we learned and did! We read the big book "In Kindergarten" that we read the first week of school to take us back to the beginning and connect the content. Then we charted some of the things we remembered, to help us when we worked on our memory books.

Every year when I am doing all of the work to assemble memory books, and spending the time and money to print and organize the pictures I am reminded of why I always do it. They. LOVE. It. 
All of my kids always have, but I think even more so now because having actual printed pictures is so novel to many of them now. Pictures are on phones and computers, but rarely in their hands to hold, look at, cherish, and most of all, keep.
So many sweet smiles, heartfelt thank you's and hugs. Bless. They melt my heart.

Our last day I had written a message for them (which they read), and we talked all about how people can feel so many different feelings all at the same time. They picked the feeling that was the strongest for them and jotted about it on a sticky note to add to our chart. Precious.
Then we sang, read our favorite books, played our favorite games (Sparkle and The Telephone Game), handed out awards, goodies, and DANCED!! 

I hope you had (or have) a great last week with your kiddos!
Wishing you a happy & restful summer :o)


  1. Proud teacher. Proud students. Now, that's the way to end the year!

  2. I love their honest emotions about the ending of the year. What a great activity to get kids to reflect back upon the year.

  3. Love the "how do you feel activity." What a great way to end the year!

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