Getting The Most Out Of Reading Comprehension

The transition from 2nd Grade to 3rd Grade can be a tough one.  Students are no longer learning to read, they are reading to learn.  I have had (and am continuing!) to adjust my teaching practices in order to meet their needs and the higher-level comprehension skills that are expected of them.  I want to share with you some resources that I have found to be effective for increasing comprehension at school and at home. 

I loved Debbie’s post this month on the importance on daily reading.  My new schedule doesn't allow for daily read aloud time anymore, but I'm trying to squeeze it in as much as I can.  I am also trying to push reading at home more.  I've always sent home a reading calendar to record nightly minutes.  This year I revamped mine, had students set a goal, and reward them with a more special prize each month they meet the reading goal.  

Check them out here.

I want my students (and their parents) to get the most out of their reading.  As I was brainstorming with colleagues on the best way to accomplish this, I came up with these reading comprehension question cards.  

Check them out here.

This week I went through the 3rd Grade Reading Standards and came up with questions for most of the Literature Standards.  I plan on copying the question cards on different colored card stock, laminating, and putting them on a ring for myself, my instructional aide, and my parent volunteers.  This will help us all ensure we are asking 3rd Grade appropriate questions and helping make the most out of our daily readings.  I am also going to send a copy of the questions home, so parents have an idea of the types of questions their child should be answering when reading.  It is no longer simple, closed questions.  Students are now expected to answer open-ended, higher-level questions about complex level texts.  I will be adding to this packet over the next month or so, as I continue to unwrap the reading standards. 

In addition to my two products, I want to share with you two products that I have been loving from The Teacher Wife.  

I bought these two reading comprehension packets back when I taught first grade, and I am still using parts of them in third.  They are FULL of questions and activities to use with any book, a valuable resources to have!

How do you get the most out of reading comprehension?

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  1. These are great ideas, Janae! I really admire how you are making the adjustment from 2nd to 3rd grade so mindfully - you are doing an awesome job making sure that you are meeting the needs of your students! I absolutely love your editable reading calendars, and your reading comprehension cards look amazing! What a wonderful way to maximize their reading time!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader