Celebrate This Spring With Independent Readers

Don't worry I'm not feeling any pressure (NOT!) as I am the first blogger to share my creative ideas on this amazing new collaborative blog! I hope you have had a chance to enter the giveaways on each of our blogs and took a few minutes to follow us and get to know each of us. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to work alongside 11 other amazing teachers but more importantly gain friends along the way!

During the month of April we are going to be sharing springtime ideas that can be used in classrooms all over the world. Here in Arizona, it's starting to get hot! We have had to turn on the A/C and the swimming pools are beginning to get packed. Our spring weather may be different than yours but the things we are doing in our classrooms are the same as you!

I love this time of year because in my 2nd grade class, my students have developed into confident learners and are independent readers now! It's my biggest success to say that all my 2nd graders are reading at or above grade level! It's a time to celebrate and reflect and I teach my students this in our classroom conversations. One thing that I love to do in the spring is a reading contest. It helps the kids continue reading and build a love for books that can carry them through summer break and into the next school year.

This year I did a Monster Madness reading contest where they are tracking at-home reading minutes for the entire month of April. I check off their tracking sheets on each Monday and keep track of them on my teacher spreadsheet. The students started with a monster body of their choice and as they read they earn more body part for their monsters! So far we have some pretty funny looking monsters with one eye, crazy mustaches, and even a cowboy monster! They have loved earning parts for their monsters and making them individualized. At the end of the contest the students will earn prizes for the total minutes read. Below you will find my prize list.

500 minutes - Show Off Monster - Extra show and tell for a day
1,000 minutes - Lazy Monster - Pajamas Day
1,500 minutes - Sweet Monster - Sweet Treat (I'm having snow cones brought in)
2,000 minutes - Genius Monster - No homework for a week
2,500 minutes - Mega Monster - Dinner with teacher at Chick Fil-A

Thanks again for your support and following us here at Hello Sunshine! If you are interested in the Monster Madness reading contest click on the product pic below and enjoy your spring time readers showing their independence with reading comprehension and fluency!


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