A Little Ray of Spring Sunshine

Fourth Quarter is in full swing and spring fever is upon us.  The home stretch can get tiring for students and teachers alike.  My teammates and I decided why wait until Teacher Appreciation Week to let our fellow teachers and staff members know they are appreciated.  We decided a few weeks ago to spread some sunshine on our campus.  Each week we choose a different grade level or area to target.  We get them little treats and notes to leave in classrooms and mailboxes.


This was a little treat that I left for my teammates a few weeks ago.

Treats to thank the cafeteria staff for taking extra special care of our kiddos everyday at lunch.

Everyone can use a little ray of sunshine during their day, so I made these little notes and I’m sharing them with you for free so that you can spread some sunshine around your school.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Just click on the pic above to go grab them for free! 

I’d love to hear/see how you put them to use.  Take a picture of some of the sunshine you’re spreading and tag Hello Sunshine Teachers on instagram so we can all see!

Now go and spread some sunshine!

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  1. Super cute! We all could use a little encouragement this time of year!


  2. I love this idea!! I love the cards too, and can't wait to spread them around my campus! Thank you for sharing!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  3. What an absolutely lovely idea! It's never too early to share kindness around campus!!! And thank you so much for sharing these adorable cards as a freebie! XO

  4. Super cute and sweet! Thanks so much for sharing these!!