End-of-the-Year Poster Activity

One of my favorite ways to have students organize their thoughts is with a poster, so I've created a student self-reflection poster FREEBIE to share with you today!

Click on this graphic to download the freebie :o)
As far as prep goes, it's easy as pie.  Just print, pass out, and let your students do the rest!  

This is a truly dreadful photograph, but it does give you an idea of what the finished product looks like:

I love how conscientious most students are when it comes to recording their reflections.  It's especially fun to do these projects early enough so that we can have the joy of seeing what each student loved best about the year!

Whether your school year has come to a close (like many of our districts here in the Phoenix area), or if it is just now winding down with the end in sight, I hope you have had a wonderful year and that you have a restful, rejuvenating summer break!


  1. The posters are adorable! Thanks for the FREEBIE!

  2. How cute! Kids will love working on these. Great way to wrap up the schooll year.

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